Drying (Vacuum) / Dehydration

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Drying (Vacuum) / Dehydration

We can offer our customers three modern vacuum drying plants equipped with paddle-type mixing blades. Each drying plant is centered round a DRAIS®-reactor (with capacities of 250, 5000 and 6000 liters respectively). Machine components coming into contact with the product are made of material 1.4571.

The double shells of the 5 and 6 m³-dryers can be heated with steam or hot water, and also cooled again with water from the cooling tower if necessary. Both dryers can be evacuated to 10 mbar using a two-stage vacuum pump stand. The drying process is monitored by a process control system.

The 250 l-dryer is part of our pilot plant and can be heated with thermal oil up to 250°C. This dryer is built in an explosion-proof design.

All dryers are equipped with chopper mills for chopping and de-agglomerating.


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