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HOS-Technik performs custom chemical manufacturing on contract basis and research & development activities for our customers at the company site in St. Stefan in the South of Austria.


Our production includes an explosion-proof multi-purpose synthesis plant with various reaction vessels and feed tanks with 2 to 10 m³ volumes, a pilot plant for upscaling starting from laboratory scale with reaction vessels with volumes of 30, 60 and 500 l with vacuum distillation possibilities. The plants can be heated with hot water, steam (up to 150°C), thermal oil (up to 250°C) and cooled with water from the cooling tower.

For filtration purposes on large-scale we have two pressure filters (nutsche filters) with 4,5 m² filtering surface each and on pilot scale two nutsche filters with 300 l-volume respectively.

The large-scale drying plant contains two DRAIS vacuum dryers with volumes of 5 and 6 m³ equipped with knife blade chopper mills. The dryers can be heated with steam and hot water. The pilot plant includes an explosion-proof 250 l-DRAIS vacuum dryer which can be heated with thermal oil up to 250°C and which is equipped with a chopper mill.

We are able to perform micro-fine grinding with a cryogenic mill and sieving with two screening aggregates (one ultrasonic and one standard sieving machine).


We are capable to carry out processes like organic syntheses at ambient and higher temperatures (solvent polymerization, polycondensation, chemical reactions), filtrations in technical scale, mixing, filling into flexible IBCs (big bags), drums (5-200 l), IBCs and smaller bags, vacuum grinding, drying and sieving.


In our modern, well equipped laboratory we are able to carry out the major analytical processes. Our highly experienced polymer chemists and lab technicians are specialized in organic synthesis of basic materials and polymers in lab scale and upscaling in our pilot plant with reaction vessels with 30 l, 60 l and 500 l volumes.

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