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HOS was established in Austria in 1988. In the early days, HOS provided job-order production for large European chemicals companies. A separate product line was introduced for polymide production. We discovered that monomaleimides and bismaleimides are niche products that can also be sold worldwide by a small but specialized company. In order to promote sales of our products, HOS participates regularly in international conferences and exhibitions on composite materials and plastics in Europe, the US and Asia, such as SAMPE, JEC, K, IPF, and manymore. Thanks to our participation in exhibitions and conferences, advertisements in trade journals, HOS has become a well-known name in the international composites and rubber sector. We also maintain regular contacts with leading international specialists in this sector.

Our production facilities are in Austria. Research and Development work, as well as quality control, is carried out in a modern, state-of-the art laboratory. Our staff includes highly-qualified polymer chemists, who also work very closely with various universities, such as the Department of Macromolecular Chemistry at the Technical University in Vienna and Graz.

Worldwide sales and local consulting for our products are provided in some cases by independent agents, dealing either with a particular region or branch of industry, and in other cases, sales activity is conducted directly from Austria.

In addition to the composites industry, we also deliver additives to the rubber industry, where we have gained a large share of the European market in the meantime.

Thanks to our high quality combined with attractive prices and to our ability to offer custom‑made solutions to our clients, we have also gained a very good market position in the US. Close contacts to leading US composite manufacturers have been established.

To operate our equipments at full capacity, we still offer chemical contract manufacture as well. Here we carry out custom synthesis and contract drying for renowned companies from the European chemical industry.


The following points serve as information for all interested parties and stakeholders on how HOS-Technik GmbH implements and manages its quality and environmental policy.

  • The best possible customer care to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • Providing the highest quality products and services
  • Shaping the future through innovation and motivation
  • Our staff as our most valuable asset
  • Awareness of our collective and individual responsibilities as a quality tool
  • Viewing suppliers as key parts of the chain and treating competitors with respect
  • Adhering to a consistent environmental policy
  • Meeting binding obligations
  • Continuous improvement
  • Promoting further technological development
  • Communication and dialogue with interested parties
  • Monitoring and evaluating the quality and environmental management system

The measures we take, and the mindset with which we operate, aim to ensure our company quality policy described here is successfully and consistently implemented. This quality policy is aimed at all staff, without exception, as a guideline for customer-oriented, quality-conscious and responsible conduct.

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